CIRCULAR NO. MIDC/CP/ C55139 /2017 DATE: 13.07.2017

It is decided by MIDC to implement Building Plan Approval through Web Based Software solution (Auto-DCR) integrated with Single Window Clearance (SWC) & appointed M/s SOFTTECH for implementation of the same. This system is functioning from 10th February, 2016 in MIDC.

This system is integrated to online Approval Workflow to monitor the approval process with associated Document Scrutiny. Building plan Approval management system (BPAMS) is established by introducing (Auto DCR) system. Auto DCR software reads CAD drawing submitted by Architects and automatics produce the deviation report based on MIDC development control 2009 prescribed by MIDC. These issues were discussed in MIDC Board meeting and it was decided that, Building Plan Approval Certificate shall be issued by online only and that too within 30 days and issued certain guidelines regarding Procedure and Checklist of:-

1.Documents and Time Limit for issuing Building Plan approval Certificate to  SPAs i.e.:-

A. List of documents required for Building Plan Approval.

B.Actions to be initiated at various Steps for:-

i.Online Submission through MIDC’s SWC and BPAMS Portal and

ii.Scrutiny and Approval Process at SPA and FIRE Department.

2.Instructions to Issue Building Plan Approval with Digital Signature and

 uploading on website.

 3.Time Limit for Building Plan Approval / issuance of CC will be 30 Days from

 the date of application.

 Earlier Circular No MIDC/CP/B38510 dated 19/04/2017 related to Building permission (Pre-Construction and Post-Construction) is cancelled and all SPAs & Fire Officers are to follow the guidelines and instructions and take necessary action from date of issuance of the circular.

For detail information please click here to view Circular No. MIDC/CP/ C55139 /2017 Date: 13.07.2017