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MIDC Land Auction

MIDC has put some of its industrial and commercial plots on online auction through its official website You can apply to auction of MIDC plots through e-bidding.

  1. MIDC has invited application for allotment of Industrial/ commercial land in various areas in Maharashtra.
  1. ASCC can assist you with following:
  • Guidance on selection of plot
  • Suggesting MIDC Bid Rate based on our past experience and market price in the secondary market
  • Filing of application, preparation of the project report
  • Carrying out necessary liaison work with MIDC for plot allotment, possession and execution of Lease.
  1. Please Click here to submit your requirement online. You can also email us at

MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) – Consultants and Consultancy Services

If you are planning to setup Industrial Unit in Maharashtra, ASCC recommends that you should setup Industry only in Government Notified Industrial Estates like MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation). ASCC can suggest and guide you with the entire process of Buying Industrial MIDC Land / MIDC Property in Re-Sale Transaction or Fresh Allotment of Industrial Land anywhere in Maharashtra. Along with this ASCC will also screen your project activity for MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board) Norms so that you do not face difficulty with MPCB Consent Requirement. It is very critical and essential to avail services of reputed MIDC Industrial Consultants and engage them on your project.

Read more about ASCC MIDC Industrial Consultancy Services. Read more about ASCC MPCB Consultancy and MPCB Consultants.

If you have any specific requirement for industrial property or have a property at disposal get in touch with us on

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