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MIDC - Rules & Regulations

Risk Based Classification of Building

For granting the construction permit for Ease of Doing Business, the Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy (DIPP) has recommended introducing the Risk Based proposal approval process. As per their recommendations, a circular is issued to introduce as per risk based building proposal approval process for granting construction permit on 29/06/2016. The matter was discussed in MIDC Board Meeting. It is decided to classify the building based on Risk as follows:-

1. High Risk Buildings – will be selected for inspection by computerized risk assessment system based on owner’s application and designated inspector will inspect the site based on selection of inspector by computerized allocation system.

  • Joint Inspection will be carried out by concerned Special Planning Authority, Fire Department, Engineering, Planning, Water Department, Land Survey, Tree Officer and other Internal Departments (if required) responsible for granting development/ construction permit in MIDC Areas.
  • On line Submission and Uploading of Inspection Report on MIDC Website within 48 Hours is Mandatory for all Inspectors also it will be assured by Competent Authority MIDC that same Inspector will not inspect the same establishment /customer twice consecutively.

2. Medium Risk Buildingswill be allowed by third-party certification such as Architect/Structural Engineer and Licensed Fire Agencies.

3. Low Risk Buildingswill be exempted from inspections or allowed self-certification by Owner.

The above classification depends upon various factors like building height, use of the building, total built up area, type of structure etc.

Based on above Classification of Cases, Inspection will be carried out only for High Risk Buildings, while issuing Building Permission Certificate, Building Completion Certificate, Occupancy Certificate, and issuing various Tree Permissions by the Tree Authority.

For detail information please click here to view ‘MIDC Circular No. MIDC/CP/ C55134 /2017 Date: 13.07.2017’

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