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Sub-Letting Process of MIDC Plot

  1. MIDC has issued various guide lines from time to time to regulate process for giving the MIDC plots on Leave & License basis to any third party by the Lessee of the plot. In this connection, following MIDC Circulars are relevant in the present context:-
  • MIDC Circular No.90/2009 dated 29 Oct, 2009. Please click here to view MIDC Circular
  • MIDC Circular No. 110/2010 dated 26 May, 2010. Please click here to view MIDC Circular
  • MIDC Circular No. 69977/2013 dated 05 Mar, 2013. Please click here to view MIDC Circular
  1. As per the present norms of MIDC, the MIDC grants the Sub-Letting permission as follows:
  • The Lessee should have consumed FSI and obtained the B.C.C as per MIDC norms.
  • Sub-Letting permission can be given by MIDC to following purpose only
  1. Industrial to Industrial
  2. Commercial to Commercial
  3. IT, ITES to IT, ITES
  • Sub-Letting permission can be granted by MIDC up to 10 Years at the request of Lessee on recovery of Sub-Letting charges in advance. MIDC will review the land rate after every 3 years and if there is any change in MIDC land rate, then MIDC will recover the differential Sub-Letting charges from the Lessee.
  1. At present Sub-Letting charges are 3% of MIDC land rate for Industrial and Commercial purpose and 1% for IT & ITES purpose, which is to be paid in advance for the period of sub-letting granted by MIDC.


Plot Size                 :         4000 Sq. Mtrs.

Area Sub-letted  :        1000 Sq. Mtrs.

MIDC Rate             :         Rs.5,000/- PSM

Sub-Letting Charges = Area Sub-letted X MIDC Rate X 3 %

= 1000 X 5000 X 3% = Rs.1,50,000/- Per Annum

  1. MIDC follows a set procedure throughout Maharashtra for giving the Sub-Letting Permission to the conditions stipulated in Para 2 above have been met.
  1. ASCC Pvt. Ltd. can assist its clients for obtaining MIDC Sub-Letting permission.
  2. Role of ASCC for obtaining Sub-Letting Permission and documentation etc. has been explained in a ‘Flow Chart’ placed below:-
    subletting flowchart

The entire process takes about one month for obtaining MIDC Sub-Letting Permission; therefore application for obtaining Sub-Letting permission should be made to MIDC one month prior to start the Sub-Letting period.

If you need any help in sub-letting process then contact us on, 022-489-74888. We shall be happy to help you!


  1. Good Day ,

    i would like to know the if i am taking plot in MIDC Hingna Nagpur Subletting i have to apply for electric city ? full of coast i have to bare?


  2. Wasim Karpude

    Want to get info for subletting of plots & it’s charges ?

    • Dear Sir
      mail is dropped in regard to your query on the provided mail ID

  3. Kuldipak

    I want plot of 3000sq feet in butibori midc.. How much demand should i pay??
    Please reply…

  4. Manohar Jadhav

    I want to know latest subletting charges applied to industrial plot of 8000/- sqft in MIDC thane.


    Sir can we sublet entire plot are or only part of it.

  6. Kiran B

    Are subletting charges calculated on Carpet area or built up area of a office which is an IT/ITES park??

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