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Bhiwandi Industrial Area

Brickwork Ratings have ranked Maharashtra as the biggest economy in India at Rs.16.87 lakh crore in terms of gross state domestic product (GSDP). It is India’s leading industrial state contributing 13% of national industrial output. Pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, heavy chemicals, electronics, automobiles, engineering, food processing, textiles, and plastics are some of the major industries in the state. Maharashtra is renowned for the production of three-wheelers, jeeps, commercial vehicles and cars, synthetic fibers, cold rolled products and industrial alcohol. Small scale industries have also come up in a big way in the state. The government of Maharashtra established Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) that provides businesses with infrastructure such as land (open plot or built-up spaces), roads, water supply, drainage facilities etc. The state continues to attract industrial investment from both, domestic as well as foreign institutions. It has become a leading automobile production hub, a major IT growth centre & the largest number of special export promotion zones in the country. Mainly known for the textile industries, Bhiwandi Industrial Area has the largest number of power looms industries in the country and come up as an Industrial hub for the textile industry in the past. During last 20-25 yrs. Bhiwandi has become a preferred logistics and warehouse centre due:

  • Location advantage- situated close to the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat and on the outskirt of Mumbai and Thane
  • Proximity to JNPT and IGPT and International Airport of Mumbai
  • Octroi free zone in the past
  • Availability of manpower and other facilities
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Low land rates
  • Availability of trucks for transportation of material

Development of the region has now been regulated by MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority). But in the past many warehouses and industries which came up have flouted all norms of FSI. Due to the cheap land rates many big companies have set up their warehouses and distribution centres in Bhiwandi. Most of the industries and warehouses have been set up on the private Freehold land.

The MIDC has also got a small land parcel of about 86.17 Hectares at Kalyan-Bhiwandi junction near NH-3. However, the MIDC land is located close to the Sea, hence falls under CRZ. No new industries in Red or Orange Category or having any effluent discharge are allowed to be set up. The units with zero discharge are only allowed to set up the industries. Warehouse and Logistics activity is considered as the commercial activity, hence the same in not allowed in MIDC unless the same forms an integral part of the running industry. The activities of the current industries in MIDC area are mainly chemical, Textile processing, Dyes and intermediate. All these units have been issued with the notice to relocate.


Bhiwandi not only enjoys the proximity to Mumbai city but also has wonderful connectivity through Road, Rail, and Air. Distances to some important places are as under:

  • Mumbai : 20 Kms
  • Thane: 15 Kms.
  • Mumbai International Airport: 39 Kms.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT), Navi Mumbai: 60 Kms.
  • IGBT Mumbai: 34 Kms.
  • Nashik : 132
  • Surat : 265 Kms.
  • Silvasa : 149
  • Umbergaon : 140 Kms.

Bhiwandi is connected with Railway through Harbour Link and Thane- Vashi local Rail network. Kalyan, Badlapur, Titwala on the Central Railways line.

Public Transport facilities of State Transport, Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport, Thane Municipal Transport & Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Transport are available.


MIDC (Kalyan Bhiwandi Industrial Area): It has availability of good    infrastructural facilities like electricity, water, roads, street lights, drainage lines  along with a MSEB substation and a telephone exchange. But the MIDC is not a preferred industrial location due to restriction of CRZ. The MIDC has no industrial land for new allotment and very few resale transaction on MIDC land have been registered during last few years.

Industries on Free Hold Land: Many power loom textile units of small and medium type are in operation in Bhiwandi. Since Bhiwandi has emerged as a big Logistics and Warehouse hub centres, these industries are gradually closing down their manufacturing activities and shifting towards warehousing operation.

Wada and Shahpur Industrial Areas are located in 40 to 50 Kms. range of Bhiwandi on the freehold industrial land. There are many small and big industries in operation at these places. Firm and companies which do not have big land budget do opt for these places due to the proximity to Mumbai and Thane.

New Industries with zero discharge are only allowed to be set up in Bhiwandi, Wada and Shahpur. New Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Petrochemical industries are not allowed in these area.

Some of the renowned industries in Bhiwandi, Shahpur and Wada are:

  • Kilburn Engineering Ltd.
  • Pipetech Engineering Services.
  • Jicon Industries
  • Mono Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
  • Swastik Power Electronics In.
  • T.Industries
  • Vardhman Packaging Solutions
  • Renaissance Industrial Park
  • Jagmohan Plamach Pvt Ltd. Shapur
  • Rangoli Plastics Pvt. Ltd. Shapur
  • Kindraj Corpoartion Shapur
  • Adani Company Shapur
  • Chintamani Habitat, Shapur
  • Omega Kemix Pvt Ltd, Wada
  • Kalimata Plastics Machinery Pvt. Ltd. Wada
  • Cm Property India, Wada
  • Elegant Creations Private Ltd. Wada



  • 9 Acres: Open land
  • 4 Acres : Built up 11000 Sq. Ft. (Shed)
  • 75 Acres : Built up 10000 Sq. Ft. (Shed)
  • 25 Acres: Built up 40000 Sq. Ft. ( RCC & Shed)


  • 10 Acres land with industrial Shed of 59700 Sq. Ft.
  • 7 Acres : Open Plot
  • 3 Acres Land with built up of about 45,000 Sq. Ft. Industrial shed with cranes

Land Rates

  •  Official Industrial land Rate at Kalyan Bhiwandi MIDC is Rs. 4,840/- PSM. However the market rate is approx Rs. 15,000/- PSM.
  • Free Hold land rate for industrial use in Bhiwandi is ranging between Rs. 2 Cr. to 2.5 Cr. /- Per Acre. Free Hold land rate in Wada and Shahpur is about Rs.1.5 to 2.0 Cr. / per Acre. Land rates also depend upon the location and size of the plot. Smaller plots and Plots with NA order command premium.


 Over a period of time Bhiwandi has become a hub centre of warehouse. Most of the big industries importing / exporting goods via JNPT / IGPT or supplying goods to Mumbai / Thane region have taken the warehouses to be used as distribution centre. The logistics activities are done in a following manner at Bhiwandi:

  • The companies have bought the warehouses or taken on lease and do the logistics operation themselves or out sourced the responsibility of the logistics activity and warehouse operation to the Third Party.
  • The companies do not own or taken the warehouses on lease but availing the facilities of 3rd Party Logistics Service Provider for the same. 3PL operators assist in custom clearance, transportation of containers to the warehouse, storage of material inside the warehouse and distribution as per the direction given by the company.

The old warehouses do not have proper height, span and other infrastructure and facilities. But most of the newly constructed warehouses have good height, span, ramps and material handling lifts and other facilities.

The companies have options to buy or hire the warehouses or avail the services of 3PL Operators in Bhiwandi.

There are many small or renowned Logistics service provider are available in Bhiwandi area providing 3PL/4PL facilities. Some of the popular ones are as under

  • Credence Logistics
  • Shree Vighnahar Logistics
  • Akash Warehousing Company
  • Paras Compound (Paras Corporate
  • Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Chemical Cluster
  • Capricorn Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Redington (India) Ltd.
  • Geeta Shipping & Clearing Services.


 The free hold land for warehouse is being sold for about Rs. 3 to 4 Crores per acre depending upon the location. Land is also available on lease for open warehousing for Rs. 3/- to 4/- psf


 The warehouses in Bhiwandi are available for outright sale and lease for short / long term. Big multinational companies generally prefer to take the warehouses on lease. Ongoing Lease rental is about Rs. 20/- psf for a modern warehouse having proper facilities. Old constructed warehouses can be hired for Rs.10 to 12/- psf. The warehouses small or big are also available for out right in Bhiwandi at about Rs. 5000/- to Rs.6000/- psf.


Many big or small companies are willing to hire the warehousing space in Bhiwandi. Therefore, there is an excellent opportunities for the investors to invest their surplus money in the warehouses and lease the same to the companies for short / long term. Return on the investment is about 9 to 10%. These warehouses are available mainly in the warehouse complex having cluster of warehouses wherein the common area facilities are provided by the promoter


 If you want to Buy / Hire an industrial / warehouse property in Bhiwandi

  •  In depth Study for ‘Selection of Location”.
  • Shortlisting & selection of property.
  • Complete guidance for Allotment of plots through Government Agencies
  • Arranging site visits.
  • Arranging meeting to finalize price and terms.
  • ‘Title Verification and Title Search of the property’.
  • Structuring the deal.
  • Preparation and finalization of Agreement.
  • Preparation of ‘Transfer Documents’.
  • Assistance for obtaining MIDC Consent / Order for Transfer.
  • Preparation of Lease Deed / Deed of Assignment / Agreement.
  • Adjudication and Execution of Deed / Agreement.
  • Monitoring entire ‘Transfer Process’ to ensure that the process is smooth and hassle free.
  • Any other assistance needed by the client for Industrial Real Estate Transaction.

If you want to Sell / Lease your industrial / warehouse premises in Bhiwandi

  •  Registration of Property in the ASCC Database.
  • Due Diligence of the property.
  • Preparation Sale/ Lease Plan for the property.
  • Proposals to potential Buyers / Tenants for Sale / Lease.
  • Conducting site visit to property for potential Buyers / Tenants.
  • Arranging meeting to finalize price and terms.
  • Preparation and finalization of agreement.
  • Assistance for obtaining all requisite NOCs / NDCs.
  • Preparation of ‘Transfer Documents’.
  • Assistance to obtain MIDC Consent / Order for Sale / Lease.
  • Preparation of Lease Deed / Deed of Assignment / Sale Deed / L & L Agreement
  • Adjudication and Execution of Deed.
  • Monitoring entire ‘Transfer Process’ to ensure that the process is smooth and hassle free.
  • Any other advice or guidance needed by the Seller / Landlord.


We assist to obtain various Permits, Licenses, NOCs and Consents required to establish and Run the industry. We endeavour to provide all industrial related services under One Roof, thereby saving the valuable time of the client.

Value Added Services’ provided by ASCC

  • MSME / LSE Registration.
  • MPCB consent to Establish, Operate and Renewal.
  • Factory Plan Approval & Factory License (DISH) and Renewal.
  • Contract Labour License as Principal Employer and Contractor.
  • Environment Statement Filing with MPCB as per MoEF.
  • Hazardous Statement Filing with MPCB.
  • Water CESS Payments, Audits & Filing with MPCB.
  • DISH Returns filing.
  • Industrial Audits related to MPCB & DISH.
  • PESO Plan Approval and Licenses – Renewal / Amendment / Fresh Applications (Gas / Explosive/ Petroleum Acts).
  • Electricity (MSED) connection and other works.
  • Water Connection and execution of Agreement.
  • PWD (Registrations of Electrical Equipment like DG Sets etc.).
  • Labour Commissioner NOC.
  • CETP & MWML and MEPL Memberships if applicable.
  • Project Report Preparation.
  • Food and Drug Licenses.
  • Any other Permission & License due for Renewal / Amendments / Fresh Licenses as per project needs of the client.


  •  Established Company with proven track record since 2004.
  • Specialized in Industrial & Warehousing Properties.
  • Deals in all Industrial Permits & Licenses.
  • Large Database and strong Sales Network.
  • Strong Back Office to handle the Transfer Process.
  • Professionals to deal with PCB, DISH & Other Agencies.
  • Excellent Liaison with all Government Agencies.
  • Supported by Strong IT & Software Team with exhaustive database and web marketing.
  • In house Legal Cell and Tie up with reputed law firms to ensure clear title, proper documentation and smooth ‘Transfer Process’
  • Provide all requisite services under ‘One Roof’’.
  • Already providing services to many big Indian and Multinational Companies.

Registered as SSI.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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