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Prime Industrial Areas

Mahad, Roha & Vile Bhagad Industrial Area (Raigad)

Kurkumbh Industrial Area

India has attained progress to a noticeable level, resulting as a Global world leader & one of the major contributors to the world economy. MNC’S are looking to India’s outsourcing and production hub for Asian country because of the Low cost of labour, high rate of development, one of the largest consumers marketing of world. India is growing in economic power and Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. The position Maharashtra has attained is due to multiple factors & contribution of various districts in it. Raigad’s contribution cannot be overlooked. The district is positioned as an alternate proposition to Mumbai. It has a unique distinction of being India’s well planned district in terms of infrastructure, construction, development and transport have many Industrial Areas in Maharashtra.  Major Exportable Items credited to its account are: Chemicals, Iron ore, Steel, Ayurveda Medicines, Pharmaceuticals, and Rice & Cashewnut.

Vile Bhagad, Mahad and Roha Industrial Areas in Maharashtra

Vile Bhagad has acquired 747.07 Hectors of MIDC area which is one of the preferred Engineering zone in MIDC.

Mahad & Roha has acquired 1020.62 Hectors each of MIDC area which is one of the preferred Chemical Zone in MIDC area.

These Industrial Areas in Maharashtra are have plots available at resale.


  • Mumbai: 124 Km
  • Pune : 147 Km.
  • JNPT : 85 Km.
  • Mumbai Airport: 130 Km from Roha.
  • Mumbai-Goa N.H. 17 : 5 Km. from Mahad City.
  • Mumbai-Goa N.H. 17: 7 Km.from Roha.ACTIVITIES OF VARIOUS INDUSTRIES  All the industries are situated on the MIDC lease hold land for 95 yrs. The activities of industries are as under:
    • Ville Vaghad: Engineering.
    • Roha & Mahad: Chemical.



    These are the progressive Industrial areas where infrastructure like electricity, water and roads are easily available. Other infrastructure like street lights, drainage lines are available along with a MSEB substation and a telephone exchange. Common Facility Centre is also located in the area.



    Telecommunication Facility and Broadband

    Companies like MTNL, Reliance Infocomm, Bharti Airtel etc. high-speed internet services are providing telephone network in these areas.


    There is no water scarcity as the requirement of the industries is taken care by MIDC.


    MIDC has developed a separate water supply scheme by constructing a Dam having a capacity of 29 Million cubic meters on Savitri River. A 24 MLD Water Treatment Plant has been constructed to meet the requirement of the industrial area. This water treatment plant has an excess capacity of 8 MLD. Apart from MIDC Water supply scheme there are two more water supply scheme developed by Irrigation Department for Irrigation of surrounded land.


    Good wide asphalted roads are available in the MIDC which can cater for Trucks and containers movements.


     MIDC has provided Fire Stations in the industrial areas.


     There is no power scarcity  .Adequate power is available to the Industrial Area via a separate sub-station set up in the Industrial Areas. MSEB has commissioned two power sub-stations of 100 KVA and 220 KVA capacity. MIDC has also earmarked 25 acres of land for the new Power Generation Station proposed to be located in Addl. Mahad Indl. Area. This ensures good quality electricity to the region

    Common Effluent Disposal Facility

    A Common Effluent Disposal Scheme is under construction in Roha & Mahad to make the area eco-friendly. This scheme will be operated as a joint venture between MIDC & the industries in the area. The Scheme will take care of effluent collection, Treatment & disposal.


    Some of the renowned industries  are:

    ·         Sudarshan Chemical Industries

    ·         Vinyl Chemicals (India) Limited

    ·         Vinati Organic Limited

    ·         Nicholas Piramal India Limited

    ·         M/s. Pioneer Gas Power Limited.

    ·         M/s. Inox Air Products Limited.

    ·         M/s. Taein Construction And Infrastructurer Pvt. Limited

    ·         M/s. Posco Electrical Steel India Pvt. Limited

    ·         M/s. Posco Maharashtra Steel Pvt. Limited.

    ·         M/s.Sadhana Nitrochem

    ·         M/s.Deepak Nitrite Limited

    ·         M/s.Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited

    ·         M/s.Excel Industries Limited


    Roha, Ville Vaghad & Mahad ,Industrial Areas in Maharashtra are preferred industrial township for small, medium and big industries of Indian origin or foreign companies due to multiple advantages as stated above. The MIDC has limited availability of land which is being given for expansion purpose only. The MIDC allots the industrial plot in auction as per the availability. MIDC Industrial Land is available in resale.

    Land Rates

    ·         Industrial Plots Rate of MIDC Roha: Rs. 1,260/- Per Sq. Mtr.

    ·         Industrial Plots Rate of MIDC Ville Vaghad: Rs. 605/- Per Sq. Mtr.

    ·         Industrial Plots Rate of MIDC Mahad: Rs. 545/- Per Sq. Mtr.

    Market Rate of MIDC Industrial Land in Roha, Ville Vaghad & Mahad area ranging from Rs.3000- 3500 PSM, Rs.1200 -1500 PSM, Rs. 2000-2500 PSM depending upon the location and the size of the plot. Smaller plots are expensive.

    For the requirement of Land Parcel contact Mr. Eknath Chorge on 98338334424


    ·      Cheap Land Rate.

    ·         Proximity to Raigad.

    ·         Availability of CETP in Roha & Mahad MIDC.

    ·         Availability of surplus Power and Water.

    ·         Skilled, Semi- Skilled and Unskilled manpower easily available.

    ·         There is no labour problem. There is a peaceful working environment.

    ·         Availability of good Infrastructure and facilities in the industrial area.

    ·         Availability of good and cheap residential accommodation.

    ·         Many big Industries are already existing which include many foreign companies.

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