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Foreign Direct Investment

Greenfield and Brownfield Investment

Greenfield and Brownfield Investment

Industrialisation plays an important role in the economic growth of any country. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is one of the Key factor and major contributors for the economic growth in the industrial sector. An Individual / Firm / Company when invest in any foreign company by merely investing in the equities or obtain the interest in any of the foreign country or by creating subsidiary company in any of the foreign country is termed as Foreign Direct Investment. Minimum Investment in the business shall be 10%. The Investor company is directly involved with day to day operations of the company in the host country. The Investor Company not only infuse money but there is a value addition in knowledge, skill and technology. This Multinational Corporation/ Multinational Enterprise may make a direct investment by creating a new foreign enterprise (Greenfield Investment) or by investing in the existing entity by mergers and acquisitions (Brownfield Investment). Another way of Greenfield Investment is foreign Enterprise purchasing a land in the host country and setting up the industrial. The purchased land can be an unutilised land in which the investor company setup the facility from the scratch. When an investor company acquire a running/sick plant where the land was earlier used for operations by an entity it is termed as Brownfield Investment. It could be on the Leasehold Land or a Freehold Land.

India is an epicentre of FDI. The country has been hosting the foreign countries since the time immemorial. There is a set process for establishing /setting up Industry in India. The Indian government has laid sector wise routes for commencement/ doing business in India. To get the complete insight on Setting up an Industry in India by a foreign Entity, Click here

As per the preference, the foreign companies can enter the host country by way of Greenfield and Brownfield Investment. Both have its own advantages and disadvantages. To get complete insight of Greenfield and Brownfield Investment, Click Here.

ASCC Industrial Consultants

ASCC is a leading Industrial Real Estate Consultant in Maharashtra is a registered Pvt and SSI (in service sector) established in 2004 with a track record of serving about 450+ industries which includes 31 fortune 500 companies or MNCs. We have a team of highly skilled specialists provides strategic and operational support for doing business in India. The strategic support includes selection of site for setting up the industry (Acquisition of Leasehold Industrial Land under Priority Allotment (FDI), allotment through e-bidding, Resale Industrial land) and all legal property transfer formalities, and operation support includes support for obtaining all requisite consents, NOCs, Permissions and Licenses to establish and run the industry.

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