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Our professionals strive to consistently deliver levels of service and success beyond our clients' expectations. By developing a long-term relationship with ASCC, you can be sure that you have the industry's most talented and committed people working toward the success of your business. We use our market intelligence, expertise and influence to help you achieve, and surpass, your business goals. We strive to help you save time and efforts. We believe - your success is our success.

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We carry over 6,000 Industries and over 4,000 Warehouses in our database. You are welcome to use our online web-based system to register your requirements for Buying, Selling, Hiring or Leasing - industrial property, warehouses and commercial property. You can also make use of this system to search any existing requirement or browse through registered properties with us. Our Technology team is an email/phone call away incase you find any difficulty in using our web-based system.

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Specialized Services

We offer following specialized services:
  • Property Transaction Brokering
  • Property Search for Title Clearance
  • Valuation and Advisory
  • Permission and Licenses
  • Property Management
  • Finance
  • Surveying
  • Deeds & Documentation
Specialized Services