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Ambernath and Additional Ambernath Industrial Area


The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) is a government organization established in 1962 with the objective of promoting and facilitating industrial development in the state of Maharashtra, India. As one of the premier industrial infrastructure developers in the country, MIDC provides key components necessary for industrial growth such as land acquisition, providing developed industrial plots, constructing industrial estates and parks, and developing supportive infrastructure like roads, water supply systems, and sewage networks.The department has developed 289 Industrial Area in about 89,000 Hectors of Land Parcel out of which 13 Industrial Areas are declared as Chemical Industrial Belts where getting permissions for highly Polluting Industries is easy, Ambernath is one such Chemical Industrial Belt developed by MIDC. This article highlights the broader picture of Ambernath and Additional Ambernath MIDC Industrial Area.

About Ambernath MIDC Industrial Area

MIDC Ambernath, located in the Thane district of Maharashtra, India, is an industrial estate developed by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). Spanning over 5,000 acres, it serves as a strategic industrial hub for various manufacturing and industrial activities. With its prime location on the outskirts of Mumbai and excellent connectivity through rail and road networks, MIDC Ambernath offers a conducive environment for industries to thrive.

The estate houses a diverse range of industries including chemical processing units, pharmaceutical companies, engineering firms, textile manufacturers and food processing plants. Its falls under ‘A’ Category of Industrial Grouping due to which there are no benefits under PSI Scheme of Maharashtra. The Industrial area has MIDC Leasehold land and freehold land Parcel.Old Ambernath & Additional Ambernath are the two Industrial division in the belt with a total Land size of 2023.42 Hector

MIDC Ambernath Classifications:

MIDC Ambernath is classified into three Areas as under:

Area Total Land Size MIDC Map Google Location
Additional Ambernath MIDC , Anand Nagar 465.50 Hectors
Additional Ambernath MIDC , Pale 78.64 Hectors
Old Ambernath MIDC 16.77 Hectors

Availability of Plots with MIDC for Direct Allotment:

MIDC doesn’t have plots available under direct allotment. However, the plots are allotted by MIDC under Priority Allotment for FDI Project, Fortune 500 Companies, Mega Projects or for expansion purpose. The MIDC Plots are also available in resale in the secondary market.

MIDC Industrial Land Rates:

The land rates of MIDC Ambernath classification are as under:

Area MIDC Rate ( in
Per Sq. Mtrs)
Market Rate ( in
Per Sq. Mtrs)
Ready Reckoner
Rate ( in Per Sq. Mtrs)
Old Ambernath Rs. 4,840/- Rs. 20,000/- Rs. 52,700/-
Addl. Ambernath Rs.4,840/- Rs. 25,000/- Rs. 14,520/-

Distances from Ambernath MIDC:

Below are the distance ofAmbernath MIDC Industrial Area from some of important locations as under:

Sl. No. Location Approx Distance
1 Kalyan-Badlapur Road (NH-61) 07 Kms.
2 Samruddhi Mahamarg (Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway) 90 Kms.
3 JNPT Seaport 50 Kms.
4 Proposed Navi Mumbai Airport 25 Kms.
5 Mumbai Domestic and International Airport 50 Kms.
6 Pune City 125 Kms.
7 Mumbai City 50 Kms.
8 Navi Mumbai City 32 Kms.

Salient Features of Ambernath Industrial Area:

  1. FSI–As per the current DCR dated 13th July 2023. The Permissible FSI for all types of plots (viz. Industrial, commercial or residential) is 1:1. Additional FSI is available depending on the Road Width in front of the Plot which is as under:-
    Sl. No. Road Width in Mtrs. Basic FSI Additional FSI on premium Maximum Permissible FSI
    1Below 9 m1NA1.00
    29 m & above but below 12 m11.002.00
    312 m & above but below 15 m11.252.25
    415 m & above but below 24 m11.502.50
    524 m & above but below 30 m11.502.75
    630 m & above12.003.00

    The additional FSI can be purchased by paying premium as given below:-

    Sl. No. Type of Land Use Applicable Premium
    (of the Prevailing MIDC Rate)
    3Other Use35%
  2. Dominating Industrial Activity in the Area The area has all kinds of industries i.e. Petrochemical, Textile, Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Engineering, Food Processing etc.
  3. Availability of Manpower Ambernath MIDC presents a flourishing job market, brimming with employment prospects across diverse sectors. Whether you possess technical expertise in manufacturing or aspire to managerial positions in administration, there is an extensive array of job opportunities tailored to individuals with varying skill sets and qualifications.
  4. Availability of Residential Accommodation High-quality residential accommodation is readily accessible for both laborers and managerial staff in Ambernath. Nevertheless, individuals in senior or top management positions tend to gravitate towards prestigious housing options such as Lodha, Tata, and Godrej in Ambernath or Dombivali. It is worth noting that a portion of these esteemed professionals also commute from Mumbai to Ambernath.
  5. Hotels and Restaurants Ambernath and Thane boast a substantial number of 4 and 5-star hotels.
  6. Connectivity Details Ambernath enjoys very good connectivity through Road, Rail, and Air.
  7. Railway Station –Ambernath – 4 Kms. Dombivali – 6 Kms and Badlapur – 16 Kms.
    Roadways–BEST, NMMT, TMT, ST, Auto and Taxi.
    Airways-Mumbai Domestic and International Airport 50 Kms and Proposed Navi Mumbai Airport is 25 Kms Approx.

  8. Industrial Infrastructure:

    Power –: MSEB operates three substations with capacities of 220KV and 100 KV in this area, as well as in the villages of Jambhul and Anand Nagar. These substations serve as the primary sources of electricity for the Ambernath industrial area. The current power rates stand at Rs. 6.8/- per kilowatt-hour.
    Water–: The estimated water demand for Ambernath MIDC is approximately 120 MLD (million liters per day). However, the current water supply capacity of the Ambernath MIDC Water Supply Scheme is only around 75 MLD, resulting in a significant shortfall of approximately 45 MLD in the water supply. To address this issue, it is crucial to consider the financial aspect as well. The water charges for Ambernath MIDC are set at Rs. 22.5/- per cubic meter, which is equivalent to per 1000 liters. .
    Internal Road-:The area is connected internally by multiple lane approach roads and has underground services like storm water collection, effluent collection, water supply etc. The width of the main road is 15 m and that of the internal roads are 7.50 or 5.50 m.
    Telecommunication and Internet–: All the major service providers are available (Tata Telecommunication, Vodafone, Jio, BSNL and Airtel)
    Fire Station Services-: Available
    Natural Gas Pipeline-: Available and the Service Providers are HPCL, BPCL, MGPL. Available. The Gas rate is 47/SCM (Per Cubic Meter)
    Transportation of Goods: Heavy Trucks, Trailers and Containers are easily available through the Truck Terminus at Ambernath which is about 2 Kms.

  9. Effluent Disposition:

    Trade Effluent: There is a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) with a capacity of 7.5 million liters per day (MLD) available in Additional Ambernath MIDC. Additionally, there is the Chikhloli-Morivali Effluent Treatment facility with a capacity of 0.8 cubic meters per day (CMD) in Old Ambernath MIDC.Currently, there is no available capacity for liquid effluent treatment. Only industries with zero discharge are being granted permission to establish their units.In the present scenario, industries seeking to establish their units must adhere to a zero discharge policy in order to obtain permission.

    Domestic Effluent: The industries shall build septic tank followed by soak pit for the treatment of domestic effluent.

    Air Emission: Scrubbers, Wet Scrubbers, Dust collectors and stacks of sufficient height is must for the Industries emitting gases.

    Hazardous Waste Disposal: Mumbai Waste Management (MWM) membership is easily available for disposal of solid and hazardous waste at village Chal, Taloja District-Raigad.

    MPCB Consent & Environmental Clearance:

    Since Ambernath industrial area has been designated as a chemical hub center the industries in Red category easily get MPCB Consent to Establish and MPCB Consent to Operate Clearance and also Environmental Clearance subject to meeting the laid down norms by Central Pollution Control Board & State Pollution Control Board.

    Some of renowned Industries operating in Ambernath MIDC are as under:

    Sl. No Name of the Company Activity
    1 Ferring Therapeutics Pvt Ltd Pharmaceuticals
    2 Mody Pumps India Pvt Ltd Engineering
    3 Polypeptide Laboratories Pvt Ltd Chemical
    4 Swiss Steel India Pvt Ltd Engineering
    5 Arabian Petroleum Ltd Petro Chemical
    6 Aarti Phosphates Chemical
    7 Kohli Industries Textile
    8 Kremoint Pharma Pvt Ltd Pharmaceuticals
    9 Meditek Engineers Engineering
    10 ASB International Engineering
    11 CEAT Tyres Auto Components
    12 Godrej Industries Chemical
    13 Blue Circle Organics Chemical
    14 Valvoline Cummins Oil
    15 Athena Drugs Pharmaceuticals
    16 Zydus Lifesciences Pharmaceuticals
    17 Jubilant Pharmova Pharmaceuticals
    18 Valmet Oil
    19 Fuchs Lubricants Oil
    20 Govik Electricals Electricals
    Prime Industrial Properties available with ASCC for resale:
    Sl. No Plot area (Sq. Mtrs) Built up (Sq. Ft) Current Activity Expected Price Remarks
    1 725 3000 Engineering Rs. 2.8 Cr. Ready to Move Property
    2 1500 8500 Chemical Rs. 11.5 Cr. With Plant & Machinery
    3 5000 30000 Engineering Rs. 22 Cr. Ready to Move Property
    4 2700 5000 Pharma Rs. 9 Cr. Ready to Move Property
    5 5635 10,000 Engineering Rs. 9.5 Cr. Ready to Move Property
    6 12000 Nil Engineering Rs 18 Cr Open Plot
    7 1000 5000 9000 Rs. 3.7 Cr. Ready to Move Property
    Why choose Ambernath Industrial Area for setting up the industry?
    • Affordable land rates.
    • Designated Chemical Zone therefore getting EC and RED Category MPCB consent is easier.
    • Proximity to Mumbai and Pune city.
    • Easily availability of Skilled and unskilled manpower.
    • Good connectivity through Road, Rail, and Air.
    • Favorable environmental conditions.
    • Presence of industrial associations.
    • Growing demand for industrial land.
    • Developed Industrial Infrastructure.
    • Close proximity to Seaport (JNPT) and New upcoming airport.
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