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MIDC Circulars / Guidelines.

Process for Transfer of Industrial Plots/Premises by MIDC

MIDC has a set process for acquisition of plots, Transfer Process and Sub-letting. This article deals with MIDC Transfer Process 

Industrial Plots / Premises by MIDC

MIDC plots on leasehold basis for industrial use.

  • MIDC considers the application for transfer of leasehold rights of the MIDC Plot to the new user, if there is a minimum 20% construction and utilization and also subject to various other conditions.
  • MIDC  has amended FSI utilization norms so that the optimum utilization of the land can be done which would result in Industrial and Economic Growth of the Company. To know in details about FSI norms , click here  
  • MIDC needs various documents from the Transfer or and the Transferee in order to consider the application.
  • To know regarding documentation requirement of different types of transfer. Click here

There are various guidelines issued by MIDC  for the transfer of  leasehold rights of plots in MIDC area . To know regarding transfer guidelines, Click here

Following Steps are normally followed for completion of the transfer process of MIDC Plots:

  1. Submission of application to MIDC
  2. Scrutiny of application by MIDC
  3. Consent of MIDC
  4. Payment of transfer charges to MIDC
  5. Transfer Order by MIDC
  6. Preparation of deed documents
  7. Adjudication by the Collector
  8. Payment of Stamp Duty
  9. Execution of Deed

The entire transfer process gets completed once the deed is executed and a copy of the deed is submitted to MIDC.

ASCC Pvt. Ltd. can assist you in the following manner for transfer of MIDC Plot:

  1. As a broker for Sale / Purchase/ Transfer of Industrial Property
  2. Preparation of  Transfer Documents
  3. Submission of Transfer documents and Liaison with MIDC to get Transfer Order
  4. Preparation of Deed Documents
  5. Adjudication and Payment of stamp duty
  6. Execution of the Deed

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