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MIDC Circulars / Guidelines.

Revision of Development Period & Utilization of FSI in MIDC Plots

Develpoment of Plot

Over a period of time, MIDC has issued various circulars for revision of its guidelines on the development of plots allotted by MIDC. The main reason behind frequent revision of the guide lines may be as under:-

  1. Limited availability of land with MIDC and difficulties faced by MIDC for new acquisition.
  2. Non utilization or under utilization of the land allotted by MIDC.
  3. Representation given by the Industrial Association or entrepreneurs on the difficulties faced by them for timely setting up the projects.

Salient features of various circulars issued by the MIDC over a period of time are as under:-

1. MIDC vide Circular No. 389 dated 17/08/2004 & G-05 dated 24/04/2006 accorded development period of 3 to 5 years as under:

Sr.No Category of Industrial Area Development Period Use of Minimum Floor Space Index (FSI)
1 “A” and “B” 3 years 10%
2 “C” 4 10%
3 “D” and “D+” 5 years 10%

2. MIDC vide its Circular No. 152 dated 17/04/2012 enhanced the Minimum Utilization of FSI from 10% to 20%.

3. MIDC vide its Circular No. C05579 dated 21/06/2019 made following changes in development guidelines:

Sr.No Category Development Period Use of Floor Space Index (FSI)
A Online direct allotment and E-bidding allotment
1 “A” and “B”
(Total 5 years)
First 3 years 20 %
Next 2 years 20 %
2 “C”
(Total 6 years)
First 4 years 20 %
Next 2 years 20 %
3 “D” and “D+”
(Total 7 years)
First 5 years 20 %
Next 2 years 20 %
B For plots allotted under priority and for industrial expansion category.
1 “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” and “D+”
(Total 4 years for all categories)
First 2 years 20 %
Next 2 years 20 %
C For plots allotted on a priority for projects with foreign investments.
1 “A” and “B”
(Total 5 years)
First 3 years 20 %
Next 2 years 20 %
2 “C”, “D” and “D+”
(Total 6 years)
First 4 years 20 %
Next 2 years 20 %

As per the current MIDC policy, the plot holders are required to utilise minimum 40% FSI (in two stages each of minimum 20%) within the prescribed period as mentioned above and get the Building completion certificate (BCC). The unit must also go into production.

Plot holders must obtain a Building Completion Certificate (BCC) for at least 20% of the Floor Space Index (FSI) within the first development period failing which extension of time limit will have to be obtained on payment of additional fee as per the prevailing MIDC norms. However, additional development period mentioned above will not be applicable for such plots.

The Plots allotted subsequent to issuance of MIDC circular dated 21 June 2019 who have consumed minimum 20% of the FSI, will be eligible to get Two Years development period to utilise balance 20% FSI with effect from 15 May 2023.

It is mandatory for plot holders to obtain the Building completion certificate (BCC) and go into production within development period prescribed above.


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