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MIDC Circulars / Guidelines.

Sub-letting of Industrial Premise in Maharashtra

Subletting Process of MIDC Land

Subletting of MIDC property is a general practice in Maharashtra in which a Lessee rents out the portion of the lease property to Sub lessee for a specific period of time, subject to the MIDC NOC and payment of subletting fees proportionate to the area being leased out.

Subletting is done to promote industrialization, as the aspiring industrialist does not have surplus capital to invest in purchasing a land, for utmost utilization of the available resources with MIDC and to get additional income for developing Industrial Infrastructure throughout Maharashtra.

There is set a process for getting MIDC NOC. To get complete insight on the subletting process, required documents from a Lessee and sub lessee, calculation of subletting fees, subletting duration, Click here

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