Supply Chain Consultancy

Supply Chain Consultancy

Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Selection of Mode of Transportation

There are various mode of transportation of material available i.e. Rail, Road, Air, Sea etc. Under each mode there are sub and sub-sub modes. i.e. The dispatches by Rail can be made by good or passenger train, by taking full or less than full wagon load. Our team of professional can carry out study and suggest the best mode of transportation of material to suit your company.

Own / Lease Transport

Our experienced managers would work out the economics for you to decide whether to own or hire transport.

Preservation and packaging

Depending upon the type of equipment, selected mode of transportation, and hazards involved enroute we can suggest preservation and packing of equipment. We also undertake this responsibility if desired by our client.

Vendor Development for Transportation

We can evaluate the number of vendors required for transportation of material for your company. In order to generate fair competition and to ensure timely availability of transport, we can assist you to add new transporters in your vendor list.. We can also help you in rating your existing vendors.

Designing Transportation Network

Our team of experienced and qualified logistics professional can design a transportation network to be best suited for transportation of material for your company. We can also evaluate whether collection / distribution centres are required by your company.

Automation of Logistics Activities

By using the latest technology such as Bar Code, scanners, GPS etc we can design integration of all your logistics activities to enable you to track the consignment and have proper inventory control.

Designing Logistics MIS

The experienced managers of the ASCC can design the MIS on various logistics activities for all level of management.

Finalization of Transportation Contract

In order to ensure that the transportation of material of your company is carried out expeditiously, at a reasonable rate and at best terms , we finalize the transportation contract on behalf of your company.

Transit Insurance

Often the companies end up paying huge sum towards transit insurance of their material. Our team of expert can evaluate the requirement of transit insurance for the goods transported by you.