Supply Chain Consultancy

Supply Chain Consultancy

Purchase Management

Purchase Management

Decision to Make or Buy

Our team of professional can carry out in-depth study on any of the product your company is already dealing or intends to deal, and recommend whether to buy or make.

Vendor Analysis, Rating & Development

We assist the companies in carrying out analysis of their existing suppliers and grade them in rank/order taking into account various factors i.e. rates, quality, adherence to delivery schedule, response to tender inquiry and after sales services etc. We also study and advise the number of supplier which a company should have for any product/range of products/services. We can assist you in developing more suppliers to generate competition and ensuring continuity in supplies.

Value Analysis

The ASCC professional can analyze the functions of equipment and other materials for the purpose of achieving their required function at the lowest total cost, consistent with requirement for performance, reliability, quality, maintainability, etc. Our emphasis in not only on cost reduction but also ensuring that no essential functional requirement are sacrificed.

Bulk/Small lot purchases

Both bulk and small lot purchases have their merits and demerits. Taking into consideration various factors i.e. lead time, seasonality, nature of item, bulk discount, transportation cost, inventory carrying cost etc, we can suggest you the ideal quantities to be procured by you for regular consumption items.

Fixing up of Economic Order Quantities (EOQ)

Our professionals can suggest you the EOQ for all ranges of items dealt by you by balancing Ordering Cost and inventory carrying cost.

Designing Ordering System

There are various ordering systems being used by the material managers
  • Fixed Order
  • Fixed Order - two bins
  • Fixed interval
  • Variable Order - Variable Interval
  • Fixed Order - Fixed Interval
Our experienced staff can review and analyze the present ordering system, check its efficacy and design ordering system for different types of products / items being used by your company.

Tendering & Contracts

In order to avoid frequent placement of orders for regular consumption items the firms normally resort to contract buying. Our experienced managers can assist you in preparation and invitation of tenders, receipt of tenders, finalization of tender documents, and award of contract for obtaining supplies/services for your company. We also assist the companies/individual for filling the tender documents if they wish to render supplies/ services to any department/organization.

Market Survey

In order to determine the availability and rate of any product in any region/city we on behalf of our client also undertake the responsibility to conduct the market survey. We maintain confidentiality of our reports.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

The TQM is an approach to improve customer satisfaction by providing a quality product at a lower cost. Our team of professionals can measure the performance of various supply chain processes in your company and pin point the processes which need improvement and evaluate alternatives processes keeping in mind the cost of failure to control quality and the cost of controlling quality.

Buy Back Contract

When a company purchases any capital equipment or any material on the recommendations of suppliers, the company must have buy back clause/ agreement. We help our clients in formulating such agreement to avoid obsolescence accumulation.


The warranty is needed to ensure that any costly equipment purchased by the company gives satisfactory performance. We help the company in designing an inbuilt system for products to be procured on warranty.

Penalty Clause

Keeping legal aspects in view we help our client to include penalty clause in the purchase agreement so that the supplier does not deviate from the delivery schedule.

Purchase at Risk & Expense

At times the supplier does not deliver the supplies as per the stipulation made in the terms & condition of the contract. The buyers get into fixed situation as they are not aware about the exact procedure to be followed for procurement of supplies/services on the risk & cost of the contractor. We assist our client in procuring the supplies/services on risk keeping legality in mind.

Automation of Purchase Activity: We can assist our client in providing IT support for automation of their purchase activities.

Designing MIS report

The experienced managers of ASCC can design the MIS report for various level of management.

Budgetary Control

The experienced managers of ASCC can design the MIS report for various level of management.

Designing MIS report

The purchase activity carries out smoothly if funds are made available as and when requested by the Purchase Department. But availability of funds has always been a problem with most of the companies. It therefore demands strict financial discipline, budgetary planning and prioritization of purchases to avoid chaos and rush payments. We assist our client in designing a budgetary control system for smooth running of purchase activities.

Purchase System & Procedure

To meet the routine purchase requirements all companies do follow some or other purchase system and procedure. Is the existing procedure meeting the need of your company? Are your all departments happy with the quality and timely supplies? Is material being procured at a right price? Are suppliers getting timely payment as per the terms of trade? Is your CA satisfied with the procurement & accounting procedure being followed by your company? In case you need to enhance the efficiency of your purchase department, our qualified experienced managers can study the present system and design a tailor made purchase system for your company.