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Supply Chain Consultancy

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Supply Chain Approach

Our Approach

We try to keep the process as simple as possible and follow four key stages from project initiation to completion and handover. Within each stage we use a variety of proven tools to ensure effective planning and execution of the project, and each stage has a completion checklist to ensure the correct disciplines are being followed. You can find out a little more about these four phases by clicking the relevant area below:

Supply Chain Approach

Initiate: This is where the viability of the proposed project is determined. The scope of the project is defined along with the approach to be taken to deliver the desired outputs. All parties must be clear about why the project is needed, what it intends to achieve and what individual responsibilities are in that achievement.

Kick Off: The duration of this phase is dependent upon the complexity of the project as it may require several workstream plans being amalgamated into a central plan before actions get underway. Depending upon the project sensitivities the decision to launch the project within the client organization may be delayed until the detailed plan has been reviewed. This phase is complete once the launch process has happened, and work has begun to deliver the plan.

Run: This is when the planned solution is implemented to achieve the objectives specified in the project plan. This phase is focused on executing the project plans effectively and involves the ongoing completion and review actions across all streams. The overall project will also be regularly reviewed by the client and ASCC team throughout this phase to check it is still on track, and delivering against the milestones that have been set. This phase is complete when all the project milestones have been achieved and the benefits realized.

Close: This phase is focused on ending a project in a controlled manner, where all the deliveries have been completed against the original plan. It is likely that the ASCC team would be scaled back during this phase after the controlled handover to the client. This phase ends with a formal project sign off when the client has confirmed that all the project milestones have been achieved, the benefits realized, and all future activity including management of project deliverables has been handed over.

Project Management Toolbox

To support our disciplined approach to managing the project lifecycle we have also developed a range of best practice tools. We see these tools as the building blocks of successful project management as at the relevant stage of the project they can be used to ensure the correct identification of issues and the robust planning of actions as well as keeping track of successful delivery. We refer to these building blocks as the 'Project Management Toolbox' and they fall into the categories shown below:

Supply Chain Project Management Toolbox

Within each toolbox area there are a number of techniques and templates available. Depending upon the size and complexity of a project we will select a number of these, meaning that each deployment can be made unique to a client's situation. We keep the 'Project Management Toolbox' updated using our experiences and learning's from a wide variety of projects across numerous industries.