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MPCB Consent to Establish and MPCB Consent to Operate

MPCB Consent to Establish and Operate

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) is a regulatory body established to enforce environmental laws and promote sustainable development in the state of Maharashtra, India. One of its primary functions is to issue MPCB Consent to Establish and MPCB Consent to Operate permits under Air, Water, and Hazardous Waste Acts. The article highlights the importance of Consent to Establish and Operate. 

What is MPCB Consent to Establish?

MPCB Consent to Establish is a crucial permit required by any industry or manufacturing unit intending to commence operations in Maharashtra. The objective of the permit is to ensure that the proposed activity does not pose any adverse environmental impacts. The consent to establish is granted after the industry submits an application to the MPCB, along with supporting documents such as site location, pollution control measures, and environmental impact assessments.

Why is MPCB Consent to Establish important?

The MPCB Consent to Establish is crucial as it ensures that industries adhere to environmentally sustainable practices. It also helps the MPCB in keeping track of the number of industries operating in Maharashtra and monitoring their pollution levels. The permit sets out pollution standards and limits for the industry, which ensures that the surrounding environment is not adversely affected by the industrial activity.

What is MPCB Consent to Operate?

MPCB Consent to Operate is another permit required by industries and manufacturing units. It is granted by the MPCB after the industry has obtained the Consent to Establish and has commenced operations. The permit is valid for a set period and must be renewed periodically to ensure that the industry continues to adhere to pollution standards.

Why is MPCB Consent to Operate important?

The MPCB Consent to Operate is important as it ensures that the industry continues to operate within the set pollution standards and limits. It allows the MPCB to monitor and regulate the pollution levels of the industry and take corrective action if necessary. The permit also requires the industry to submit regular reports to the MPCB, which ensures transparency and accountability.

Industrial Classification as per the Pollution Index.

MPCB has categorized the industries into different sectors depending on the emissions (air pollutants), effluents (water pollutants), hazardous wastes generated and consumption of resources. The categories are red, orange, green & white. Each category has a separate range of Pollution Index. Depending on the Pollution Index MPCB grant Consent. To get the complete insight of the Industrial Classification, Click Here.

MPCB Consent to Establish and MPCB Consent to Operate are crucial permits that industries and manufacturing units must obtain to operate in Maharashtra. These permits ensure that industries adhere to environmentally sustainable practices and operate within the set pollution standards and limits. The MPCB plays a vital role in monitoring and regulating the pollution levels of industries, ensuring transparency and accountability, and promoting sustainable development in Maharashtra. he unit / industry / factory needs to renew its consent before expiry of its consent to operate. It is suggested to apply 60 days in advance before expiry of the consent.

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We offer following services related to the MPCB Consent:

  1. Site Inspection and feasibility analysis.
  2. Detailed Documentation .
  3. Understanding your processes and assisting you with preparation of detailed project report (DPR).
  4. Mapping of your activity with MPCB requirement and suggesting on Red Category, Orange Category, Green Category and White Category for the consent.
  5. Suggesting you best environmental practices and help you being compliant as per Government Requirements.
  6. Assisting clients with Annual Returns preparation and creating SOPs for best practices.
  7. Liaison for getting the consent.
  8. Audits – 6 monthly / yearly depending upon your requirement.

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