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Supply Chain Management Solutions
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Inventory Management
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Material Planning (MRP, MRPII)
Classification of Inventory
We help the companies in classification of their stores under various categories by following scientific methods. The classification of inventory helps in better store management and administration.

Designing optimal equipment without giving consideration to a variety of widely used standard components enhances the size of the inventory. Our trained people can carry out study in your company and suggest you to reduce the variety by way of standardization. This will cut down the size of the inventory.

In medium and large companies the inventory size is big. In order to correctly identify demand, issue and accounting such large number of items without ambiguity and mistake, it is obvious that there is a need for unique identification for each and every item in use. Proper codification also helps in knowing accurate consumption / Sale of an item, comparison of rates etc. The team of our people can design a codification system for all types of material used by your company.

Application of Selective Control Techniques
Selectivity is a universal concept in all supervisory and command control activities. 100% supervision and control of all activities of an organization is neither feasible nor essential. This concept is applied to all managerial activities in any organization including the material management. The ASCC has qualified and experienced people who can review your inventory and group them by using following techniques:
ABC (Usage Value)
VED (Utility Value)
SAP (Availability)
FSN (Movement)
HML (Individual Cost)
XYZ (Material Process)

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
Our team of professional can work out EOQ for various in use items by balancing ordering cost and inventory carrying cost.

Ordering System
There are various ordering systems being used by the material managers
Fixed Order
Fixed Order - two bins
Fixed interval
Variable Order - Variable Interval
Fixed Order - Fixed Interval
Our experienced staff can review and analyze the present ordering system, check its efficacy and design ordering system for different types of products / items being used by your company.

Fixing up Inventory Levels & Safety Stocks
Depending upon the rate of consumption, lead time, nature of item, availability of storage space, inventory carrying cost, ordering cost, cost of stock out and probability of stock out etc., our team of professionals can determine and suggest maximum and minimum stock levels, reorder level and safety stock for each and every item.

Monitoring of Shelf life items
The monitoring of items having shelf life such as food and pharmaceutical is very important so that they are utilized / consumed before these become life expired. Our professional can device and design monitoring system for your inventory controller and warehouse manager to ensure FIFO and utilization before expiry of stipulated life of product.

Material Planning (MRP, MRPII)
Our experienced and qualified managers can carry out the study of production process at your company and workout material planning to yield better results.

Forecasting of future requirement is done by making use of past consumption data, future planned utilization rates, availability of assets and Dues-in, so that the production / sale goes on uninterruptedly. Our professionals can carryout forecasting and material planning for your company.

Asset Management
Production / Trading Companies procure and use various plants, machinery test equipment, vehicles, material handling equipment, office equipment etc for various operation processes. It is however seen that entry for purchase / expenditure is passed in the books of accounts, but these are not held in record of the "Asset Register" of the company. We can carry out review of all your assets and suggest proper recording in the "Asset Register" of your company.

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