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Warehouse Management
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Warehouse System and Procedure
There are standard and peculiar warehouse systems and procedures related to receipt, storage, maintenance and issues. We can assist our client in laying down the warehouse system and procedure depending upon the type of material to be stored and operations required to be carried out.

Selection of Location and Warehouse Layout
The selection of location of ware house has long term repercussions in reducing the operating cost and smooth running of operations of the company. The governing criterion for store layout are easy movement of material, good house keeping, sufficient space for men and material handling equipment, and optimum utilization og available storage space. The experts from our company can assist you in selecting the appropriate location of warehouse and designing the store layout for variety of material handled by your company.

Owning or Leasing a Warehouse
The ASCC professionals can workout the economics and advise you whether to own a warehouse or go for hiring of warehouse to meet the requirement of storage of material.

Setting up of Infrastructure and Facilities
Depending upon the type of material to be stored in the warehouse, number of people involved in the handling operation, kind of material handling devices to be used, and type of load carrier to be utilized for transportation of goods, the experts of ASCC can design the infrastructure and facilities for your warehouse.

Material Handling Equipment
Out of so many types of material handling equipment available, our aim is to select the best to suit your budget and operation. We also assist our client to get the best deal from the supplier of equipment.

Preservation of Material
The material is likely to get deteriorated if it is not preserved properly during storage. Our qualified managers can advise you on the kind of preservation to be carried out.

Stock Verification
Proper accounting of material is vital in any organization. We can design a perfect accounting system for your company.

We can provide you IT support for automation of warehouse related activities. We can also assist you in integration of Barcode system with inventory management.

Designing of MIS Report
Our experienced and qualified professional can design MIS report for various level of management for various activities of warehouse management.

Hiring/ Leasing of warehouse
In case your company wants to hire a warehouse, the experienced professionals of ASCC can assist you in locating and selecting a most suitable warehouse. We also provide assistance in finalizing lease agreement If you have surplus storage space and wish to give it on lease, we shall find out a taker. In case you want to hire/lease a warehouse, click here.

Stores \ Warehouse Accounting
Proper accounting of material is vital in any organization. We can design a perfect accounting system for your company.
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