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MPCB Guidelines

MPCB Consent to Establish, Operate and Renewal

MPCB Consent

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) is an implementing  board of various environmental legislation in the state of Maharashtra, mainly including Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981, Water (CESS) Act 1977, Some of the provisions under Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986, Rules framed there under like, Biomedical Waste (M&H) Rules, 1998. Hazardous Waste (M&H) Rules, 2000, Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2000 etc. It functions under the administrative control of Environment Department of Government of Maharashtra. The board provides issuance of MPCB consent to establish, operate and renewal for Industrial activities in Maharashtra.

MPCB Consent to Establish, Consent to Operate and Consent Renewal

MPCB issues combined consent under various Acts (mainly – Water Act, Air Act and Hazardous Waste Act) called as MPCB Consent to Establish or MPCB Consent to Operate. This is taken at the time of starting a new unit / factory / establishment which come under purview of License / Consent. The Consent needs  to be taken in two stages:

  1. MPCB Consent to Establish: This consent is for establishing your unit. It is to be taken prior to starting of your unit / factory / establishment. This document shall stipulate all the conditions that industry / factory / establishment needs to fulfill when doing the setup and before starting the operation. It is suggested to apply for the Consent as soon as you have sourced the land / premises. This consent is usually valid for 5 years, but it depends upon  on validity the consent.
  2. MPCB Consent to Operate: This consent is for Operation of your unit and taken just before you are ready for trial production / operation. It is usually taken after you have completed the establishment and fulfilled all the conditions as stipulated in the Consent to Establish. It allows  you to start the operation/production. It is suggested to apply for Consent to Operate 3 months in advance just before you are ready for trial production. It will also give you sufficient time to implement observations from MPCB Office. Term of  Consent to Operate: Green – 3 Years, Orange – 2 Years, Red – 1 year
  3. MPCB Consent to Operate Renewal: The unit / industry / factory needs to renew its consent before expiry of its consent to operate. It is suggested to apply 60 days in advance before expiry of the consent.

About ASCC

Ascent Supply Chain Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (ASCC) is a leading Industrial Consultant based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.  We are into Industrial consultancy business since 2004. We are a registered private limited company and also MSME registered enterprise in service sector with a sound track record of serving about 650+ industries which includes 50+ Fortune 500 companies or MNCs. We are happy to share that most of our MNC customers are recurring clients. We have branch offices in Pune and Nashik.

ASCC can offer you following services related to your MPCB Consent Requirement:

  1. Site Inspection and feasibility analysis.
  2. Detailed Documentation .
  3. Understanding your processes and assisting you with preparation of detailed project report (DPR).
  4. Mapping of your activity with MPCB requirement and suggesting on Red Category, Orange Category, Green Category and White Category for the consent.
  5. Suggesting you best environmental practices and help you being compliant as per Government Requirements.
  6. Assisting clients with Annual Returns preparation and creating SOPs for best practices.
  7. Liaison for getting the consent.
  8. Audits – 6 monthly / yearly depending upon your requirement

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