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Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH)

Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH)

The main objective of the Directorate, Ind. Safety and Health is to ensure safety, health, welfare and working conditions of workers working in factories and in construction works by effectively enforcing the provisions of the Factories Act the Building & Other Const. Workers Act and other labour legislations. It is also to ensure the protection of rights of workers and to redress their grievances.

The department supervises and advises in eliminating unsafe condition, actions and situations. It also wants to keep constant watch on factories dealing with hazardous chemicals by way of regularly sampling and carrying out medical check-up for workers employed in such processes.

The department has the objective of preventing any major industrial disaster with help of disaster control plans already prepared for areas having more concentration of hazardous industries, also to promote the concept of mutual aid system which would be useful especially to small-scale industries.

It is also the objective of the department to Act as a Friend, Philosopher and Guide to one and all in creating safe working conditions.

Permissions and Licences

Note: If the factory is under construction then the Factory Plans are to be approved by DISH before commencement of the construction. The changes if any are to be incorporated by submitting and obtaining approval of the revised plan. Before commencement of the production the application is to be made to DISH for Factory License. The Factory License is given for the specific period and need to be renewed from time to time.


Service Offerings

ASCC Service Offering:

ASCC will liaise with State Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health to help you with Factory Plan Approval, Factory Registration and License and Renewal of Factory License as listed above required at various stages while setting up your industry or change of activity by your industry or any expansion of industry.


Supporting Documents

Note: Supporting document(s) like Building Stability Certificate are required when submitting application for Factory License.

Building Stability Certificate Download

Service Offerings

ASCC Service Offering:

ASCC works with Approved Civil Engineers to carry out structural audit of your factory and issues you a Building Stability Certificate.


Safety Audit Service

Note: Safety Audit needs to be carried out yearly or half-yearly depending as per guideline from DISH. Detailed report of Safety Audit needs to be submitted to DISH.

ASCC works with Approved Safety Audit firms to carry out detailed audit of your factory - machinery, cranes etc. There are FOUR STAGES to an inspection (Safety Audit) Carried out by External Inspector (Chartered Engineer).

The first stage includes information gathering, the assembly of inspection tools and other preparations. This process ensures that the members conducting the inspection are well informed about the area to be visited and better able to identify hazards. Inspection tools include floor plans of the area, flow charts of the work process, checklists and other records.

The second stage involves the physical inspection of the workplace or work area. It should involve talks with workers and supervisors, the use of the inspecting member's senses, knowledge and training to help detect hazards and the use of common sense to identify hazardous situations that could develop under certain conditions. Where hazards are discovered during the inspection that immediately endanger the health or safety of a worker, the member should take the steps required by law, and by the employer's health and safety program, to have the danger removed immediately. This includes immediately reporting the situation to the employer. One purpose of the inspection is to verify that controls installed as a result of a previous inspection are in place and are working properly. Immediately following the inspection, the member should carry out third stage.

The third stage, which is review and writing of the report. The written report should state the place, date and time of the inspection and name the person who conducted it. The findings of the report should describe the potential hazards identified, classify them by priority categories and provide any other relevant information. Classification identifies those potential hazards that need immediate attention. The report may draw conclusions about the potential hazards that have been identified, and recommend controls to reduce or eliminate worker exposure to the potential hazard.

The fourth and the final stage, as per the government standards, the Safety Audit Engineer/Inspector will issue the Safety Audit Certificate.

Service Offerings

ASCC Service Offering:

ASCC works with Approved Safety Audit Firms to carry out detailed audit of your factory as per the DISH guidelines.


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