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Fire Services

Note: Maharashtra State is taken as an example while explaining State/UT Fire services. Similar services in other State/UT Fire Department can be offered to you by ASCC throughout PAN India.

As per Section 21 of "Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act, 2006". The responsibility of maintaining fire and emergency service is of planning authorities' i.e. local authority or planning authority. In the state of Maharashtra the subject of Fire Services is the basic responsibility of Urban Local Bodies such as Municipal Corporation & Municipal Councils. For the Developments beyond the municipal areas, the responsibility rests with organizations such as MIDC, CIDCO, SEZ's, Private Town Ships etc.

You will need to approach appropriate department as mentioned above for availing any of the Fire Services. For example : if your property/land falls in jurisdiction of MIDC, MIDC will provide you with the Fire Services. If MIDC does not have its Fire Station in your area, then local body will provide Fire protection. If your property falls in jurisdiction of Municipal Council or Corporation, then planning authorities will provide fire services.

Fire Services

Maharashtra State Fire Services include following:
  • Provisional Fire Approval (NOC)
  • Final Fire Approval (NOC)
  • Renewal of Final Fire Approval (NOC)
Checklist for Fire Approval

You can download the checklist below by clicking the PDF icon below.


Service Offerings

ASCC Service Offering:

ASCC will liaise with State Fire Department to help you get Fire Approvals at various stages while setting up your industry or change of activity by your industry or any expansion of industry.


Support Services

ASCC has tied up with Fire Control Engineering Company to help you with following activities:
  • Design of Fire Fighting Plan
  • Supply of Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Installation of Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Training on Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Upgrade your existing Fire Fighting Equipment

Support Services - Fire

Design of Fire Fighting Plan:

Fire hydrant installation consists of a system of pipe work connected directly to the water supply main to provide water to each and every hydrant outlet and is intended to provide water for the firemen to fight a fire. The water is discharged into the fire engine from which it is then pumped and sprayed over fire. Where the water supply is not reliable or inadequate, hydrant pumps should be provided to pressurize the fire mains.

Fire Hydrant

Fire Fighting Equipment: Supply, Installation, Maintenance, Training and Upgrade
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Fire Hose
  • Fire Extinguisher (CO2, Water, Dry Powder, Wet Chemicals, Vaporizing Liquids)
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Fire Alarm
  • First Aid Kit
  • First Suit

Fire Equipment


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