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Food and Drug Administration Services (FDA)

Food and Drug Administration Services (FDA)

Note: Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration Department is taken as an example while explaining State/UT Food and Drug Department Services. Similar services in other State/UT Labour Department can be offered to you by ASCC throughout PAN India.

FDA department's mission is to protect, promote and enhance the health of Indian People. To achieve this mission, it needs to be ensured that
  • Food is safe, wholesome and prepared in good and hygienic condition.
  • Human, veterinary drugs and biological products are safe, stable and efficacious and medical devices are safe and effective.
  • Cosmetics are safe and stable.
FDA ensures that these products are in compliance with the law and FDA regulations. Non compliance will be promptly identified and corrected, and any unsafe or unlawful product will be removed from the market place and appropriate action will be taken against all concerned.

Food and Drug Administration Services

You can download the FDA Forms by clicking the PDF/WORD icon below.

Grant of Food Licence
Form A
Grant of Drug and Cosmetic Manufacturing Licence in Own Premises
Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download
Form 24 Form 24B Form 24C Form 24D Form 27 Form 27C Form 27D Form 31
Grant of Drug and Cosmetics Manufacturing Licence in Loan Premises
Download Download Download Download Download
Form 24A Form 24E Form 27A Form 31A Appendix F
Grant of Licence to manufacture drugs for purposes of examination, test analysis
Form 30
Grant of Additional Product Permission
Additional Product Undertaking
Grant of Drug Selling Licence
Download Download Download Download Download
Form 19(New) Form 19A Form 19AA Form 19B Form 19C
Narcotics, Drugs & Psychotropic Substance License Form
Download Download
Transport License

Service Offerings

ASCC Service Offering:

ASCC will liaise with State Food and Drug Department to help you with all the necessary clearance, licenses and permissions.


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